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Egan Church Furnishing & Restoration Blog

Church Painting Services Delivered with a Strategic Approach

16 July 2021

We are not here to simply paint your church. We are here to safeguard and protect the historical structure and appeal of the entire worship environment. This demands careful strategic thought and consideration prior to wetting the first brush. With thirty-five years of church restoration and painting experience, our first...

Church Restoration:  Offers A Quality of Work That Revitalizes The Preservation of Churches

9 July 2021

Like any complex structure, churches require a variety of highly skilled trade experts to maintain, preserve, and restore their glory. We wish to take just a moment to remind all of you that Egan Church Furnishing and Restoration  is ready to put sixty years of experience to work for you!...

Stained Glass Restoration and New Frames: Achieve Vividness, Energy And Persistence In Religious Ideals

30 June 2021

Are your church’s precious stained-glass windows deteriorating, losing their luster, or even presenting risk of catastrophic failure? We urge you to be highly selective when you choose your repair team to repair and replace your historical stained glass windows. Our recommendation, trust a firm with over sixty years of church...

Replacement Pew Kneeler Pad Services – Give Praise in Comfort

29 June 2021

If your church’s pew kneeler pads are tired looking and lack the comfort they once provided, first give thanks knowing they have been well used! When it comes time to dramatically improve both the look and comfort for your parishioners, know that Egan Church Furnishing & Restoration has delivered for...

Ratigan Schottler Pews and Chairs

15 June 2021

Jim Egan award winning member of Boston Preservation, Member of Worcester MA and New Haven Ct. Preservation

60+ Years Proudly Delivering New England Church Painting Services

7 June 2021

Each and every time over the years that we here at Egan’s Church Furnishing & Restoration (serving all of New England) have been entrusted to paint a house of worship, we take a deep sense of honor and responsibility to honor God by our work. We consider the sacred nature...

New England Pew Refinishing Services: Restore the Natural Beauty to Your Church

28 May 2021

Sometimes it’s hard for us to leave the church we just restored to its original beauty. We always take a moment, at the end of the job, to sit in the pews we just restored and reflect upon just exactly what we do for a living. However, the most rewarding...

Spectacular Offer on a Life-Size Demetz St. Francis Cast Bronze Statue

3 May 2021

Hello everyone. Egan’s Church Furnishing & Restoration (Shrewsbury, MA) is back with you today to announce another incredible opportunity from The Demetz Studio to beautify your church. Today we bring your attention to Demetz’ life-size St. Francis with dove & wolf cast bronze statue. There are two things that make...

Honor Your Church with an Authentic Demetz Studio Version of St Michael McGivney

7 April 2021

Hello everyone.  All of us here at Egan’s Church Furnishing & Restoration (Shrewsbury, MA) want to draw your attention to an phenomenal opportunity to honor the founding father of the Knights of Columbus,  St. Michael McGivney. St. Michael McGivney the founder of the Knights of Columbus was beatified on October...

Church Painting Services Require A Special Professional Talent

31 March 2021

Truly inspirational church painting service results requires contractors with special skill and experience. It requires true artistic skill, not simply the application of paint. It requires someone with a dedicated passion to honor the Holy setting as a professional obligation. We’re here to tell you that here at Egan Church...

Church Pew Refinishing Services

25 March 2021

Hi everyone.  In last week’s blog post we covered the subject of our New England church pew restoration services. This week, we’ll cover the subject of church pew refinishing services, a service we’ve provided as a company for over sixty years now. Out on that page, you see ten projects...

Church Pew Restoration Services: We Are More Passionate Than Parishioners

18 March 2021

OK, so the parishioners and church staff that we have served across New England for over sixty years might debate us on that claim. Church restoration is our passion. We are so very much blessed to employ our talents in the interest of religious art conservation. It is conserving the...

Welcome to Egan Church Furnishing & Restoration

1 February 2021

Our father, Thomas P. Egan, started our company in 1965 with the intent to service the Christian Parishes of New England with quality church supplies at competitive prices, with superior customer service. Jim Egan joined him in the company after completing college during the late seventies, with a dedication to...