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Pew Refinishing: Make Old Church Pews Look And Functional Like New Again

20 January 2022

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Functional and comfortable pews are essential to the members of your church. Like anything that is used on a regular basis, they wear, become weak, squeak, and yes, simply look tired. Even if you are able to tolerate the unattractive nature of your worn pews, you of course are well advised to never assume that your pew’s structural integrity is sound. We like you to know that, for all these reasons, church pew refinishing services are just a phone call away.

Our process for refinishing church pews begins with a detailed inspection of the overall structural integrity of the pew itself. Screws, bolts, joints, and other things that ensure that a fully occupied pew is capable of sustaining the worst-case load possible upon the pew. Only then do we turn to beautification process that include sanding to trace imperfection, vacuuming and wiping to remove all wood dust and other contaminants. Then of course we finish with your custom-selected varnish and stains to bring your church pews back to their original beauty. Now, imagine the transformative look of your church when you’ve adorned your church with new pew pads and upholstery as shown here!

Egan Church Furnishing and Restoration - Pew Refinishing

We specialize in church pew restoration and can literally transform the look and feel of your church at a remarkably valued price. Contact Egan Church Furnishing and Restoration today.