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Tips For Brighter Sanctuary

16 December 2021

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With the expected return of many parishioners to church this Christmas

A Few Tips for Brighter Sanctuary

By Jim Egan, Principal & Project Manager of Egan Church Furnishing & Restorations

This is the first Christmas most parishioner who have been vaccinated will return to celebrate Christmas with their family. Our churches are open as a place for healing and bringing families back together.

The following are a few money saving tips to help your sanctuary look and feel clean and bright with minimal expense.

  • What is the best money saving way to clean any wood surfaces and wood pews?

    Simple and inexpensive:

    Fill a bucket with lukewarm water mixed a few cap fulls of Murphy’s Oil soap. Use a soft cotton cloth to wipe the wood surface and handrails. Handrails on the pews hold oil and dirt that will clean right off with Murphy oil soap.

    Murphy’s Oil soap cleans, shines & protects all wood surfaces.

    We also recommend Murphy oil soap for hardwood floor cleaning.

    Hot water & harsh soaps will strip the finish from wood.

  • What is a Simple way to clean and add shine to brass & bronze candle sticks?

    Use Pledge Furniture Polish: Spray Pledge on a soft clean cotton cloth and wipe. Its is a safe money saving way to clean dust, dirt and add a quick shine to the candle sticks.

    Pledge Not recommend for Communion Ware or cups

    • Never attempt to clean stained glass with any glass window cleaners.
    • Stained Glass is painted art, cleaner will destroy the paint

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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